It might be just you

It might be just you, when everyone else is asleep, keep working hard.
It’s weekend and it’s a kinda morning time for everyone, but seeing this one student studying alone in the park just made my day ❤



Some books are worth reading, not because they have something great to tell you, but because – before the fragile nature of life and ever incomprehensible meaning of existence – they are your closet companions

window to my childhood


window to childhood .jpg
the window to my childhood 

as i look through the tough walls and blurred glass of my window into the fresh air, bright sun and plants growing as gentle air brush through their bodies…i, nostalgically,  remember my childhood…i remember not having enough clothes, good food, never even thought of toys….all i cared about was my siblings or friends with whom i always wanted to be with and play …i remember experiencing every little of whatever we had with deep joy…i was happy…i was happy until i was told that I am not… as i grew older….i was told to do everything i needed but never wanted…unnecessary socialization, unfulfilling education, unrealistic expectations….and today, as i look out of this window from my office…I, ungratefully, wish i was the kid who comes to this field everyday to harvest the crops, graze his cattle or simply play with his friends, i have been blessed with everything i could ask for… but somehow i want to be this kid ….and as the  beautiful memory of my childhood stares back from this window i wonder if i am born to live or let life happen to me….


Rain on a Saturday


beautiful rain …

cold and pure..

as thunder bold strikes joy in every being…

and every drop seduces life out me….

as the gentle  breeze of music holds my soul

we fly to the endless journey of joy…

Shafia M. M

the untouchable wine

Unfathomable morn and absolute bewilderment

As my existence floats in the numbed body

Living through lost, unsatisfactory wonders

I put on the sounds of the hang and the flute

fresh blood gets poured in my chapped veins

My chaotic soul is now in Semazen

the trans-mutational Semazen of Shams

turned me into the untouchable wine….


Sometimes I wish…

I could just go far…

Somewhere into the forest…

Or live among silent monks…

To be discovered by myself

For somehow I know

That life is to be lived…

Beyond what is seen…

And with what can only be felt…

Alas! Never did I know living could be this costly

In terms of time

That we don’t get to ponder on

Why are we here in the first place…


“When the beauty of rainbows spell over me 
I glow in that unknown divinity 
Chanting the holiest, lachrymose and dying hymns
Than stone is poured over my existence
Pulling out of me every reason and angelic wonders!”
(shafia M.M)

A grave


“Chiseled by the bladed rays of sun
Deep into the woods, glitters the soil 
And the cold breezes chirp
Where the angles smell pure
I dwell in the holy grave!” 
(shafia M.M )

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